Company Background. Est 1861

In 1861 Thomas Baty, a Cumbrian farm worker, laid the foundation for what is today one of the longest established fruit and vegetable companies in the U.K. To begin with Thomas would make a daily run from Cumbria to Newcastle with his horse and cart to sell fresh local vegetables. However it didn’t take him long to buy a vegetable pitch in the old Newcastle fruit market and not only sell his own fresh grown produce but also allow other growers to have their produce sold on his stall.

The company is now in the hands of Dudley Baty, a 4th generation fruiter of the Baty family. At the age of 14 Dudley started working with his father Colin at weekends and he soon found that he enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the early mornings and the fresh air so beloved of market traders. Forty years later he still has the same enthusiasm and the same belief in traditional service, fresh produce and happy customers that his father instilled in him from an early age, yet all the while building on what his ancestors established.

Dudley is rightly proud of his company’s loyal customer base and a hard-earned reputation that is second to none among suppliers of fresh fruit and vegetables to the North east community of retailers, caterers and wholesalers.

Thomas Baty wholesale not only supply local fruiters with fresh fruit and veg from their wholesale base in the Gateshead fruit market but will also will deliver fresh produce to customers further afield, (within a radius of 100 miles) courtesy of their fleet of ambient and refrigerated wagons.