Baty and the Environment. Reuse Reduce Recycle.

We're all aware of the current environmental challenges we face in the modern world and the need for sensible use of resources. Thomas Baty Ltd are constantly striving to increase the efficiency of our operation, working to a long term plan of reducing our carbon output and waste. Not only does this help to make the world a nicer place to live but cost reductions through increased efficiency mean we can supply you with great quality fresh produce at unbeatable value.

We urge all our customers to recycle waste whenever possible. The North East Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Market where we are based operates an award-winning recycling operation. Please follow their and our example to manage your resources sensibly and reduce your waste.

Our packaging waste compliance scheme is run by Toddpak. Their website provides valueable information on recycling for both businesses and the general public.

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